So it was another training that the company asked me to attend. This one was called ‘Team building’ and I was sent off in a bus with 22 other strangers to a Place called Doddaballapur which is around 70 kms from Bangalore city. My first thought was ‘Team building’ with 22 strangers? all from different […]

Now driving is one thing and operating the machine is another. I have wrote a dozen posts on the crazy traffic world we live drive in. Dear Driver, You may have a 1000 CC car, but don’t think its a Ferrari. Even if you have a Ferrari (Thank God you don’t) don’t treat the public road […]

I wrote a couple of customer care related posts in my blog earlier. Its not unknown that customer care does not exist in India. Its mostly ‘customer cares but the company doesn’t’ .  Links to my previous posts :- 1) How I do not get any replies 2)My experience with Tata indicom. 3)Customercare less 4)Tips […]

Okay I am writing this post because I have heard and I am tried of hearing comments on how my accent is not mallu or sometimes its mallu. First thing we call ourselves malayalees and not mallu.  We are the most tolerant people (in terms of religion, education, food, alcohol, powercuts, communists, rain, floods etc). […]

Isn’t it strange that the same middle class who ‘invented’ corruption to get their work done faster (from driving license to property tax) is now the voice of anti corruption in India. Its okay to take/give a Gandhi (worth 100) but a lakh Gandhis ? strict no no ! Those who have never paid a […]

Few things on my mind recently. 1. LPG Now that the Karnataka government is asking its citizens to produce their Ration Card to keep their gas connections. The middle class citizens are up in arms blaming the government for their suffering. ie. they have to stand in long queues. And says that this is all unnecessary. […]

Okay its been a long holiday on the blog world. I guess I need to come back. But is there anything to write about these days? Raja took half the news world with 2G scam. Some leading journalist (not very leading now) took the other half. ha isn’t it funny that initially media wrote as […]

I enjoyed watching the spectacular show put together by the CWG organizers for its opening ceremony.  The unity in diversity theme was depicted with colors and chaos. I tweeted a lot during the show, mostly because I was excited on how the show was unfolding with surprises (Not really coz DD aired it with a […]

There are three types of people on the planet. The good ones, bad ones and the ones on  Indian trains. Once I was traveling with my wife and one year old kid on a Garib rath to Bangalore. The berths allocated to us was Side middle the infamous berth that Lalu introduced and Side upper. […]

Attention, there is a cat in the apartment. And then started the hate emails. This is how the story goes. Since the apartment I stay have net savvy residents, the Management committee started a group on yahoo to help people be in touch with each other. This was to let everyone know about changes, water […]