Freedom of expression?

The decision DoT took to ban the blogging sites is deplorable. The last time I checked I still had freedom of speech and expression in
India. The reason to support the ban is unjustified and sounds too illogical. The blog sites are widely popular for itís easy to register and use pages. This gave you the privilege to express your views on anything under the sun. Although the blog sites check the blogs for explicit content like pornography, itís prevalent in many blog sites. The users are given all the freedom to publish journals, diaries or even feeds to other blog or news sites. The site administrators cannot control the user from publishing materials that can hurt sentiments of certain community or blogs from terrorists.

Terrorists might have used the blog for their propaganda or communication. But banning the entire site for probable misuse is a goof up from the government. The politicians and the authorities should understand one fact that controlling the net is not that simple as banning a movie or censoring the TV channels. The net has wide reach and is an ocean of information. Information is something that should not be controlled. In
China internet policing is prevalent; all the ISPs help the government to control the net. But
India being a democratic country, freedom of expression shouldnít be just a right that the children are taught in schools or the right we all boast about. NOW, it has been taken away.

The right to information also should be looked into. The media plays an important role in information being transferred across the masses. We have many news channels; some are biased to a particular political party, while some are good enough to give half truths. Itís the viewer who decides on whom to trust and what to trust. This is the same case with the internet. The quantity of information that is over the net is so huge and we could find contradicting information all over. Itís the conscience of the user that decides to trust the content of any information on the net. The hits to the sites that were blocked might have increased through proxy sites to have a peek on why it was banned.

Email is also widely used by terrorists or racists for communication. But blocking all emails wouldnít solve the problem. This was put in a good way by a reader in The Hindu, Ďif the terrorists are using vehicles, its absurd if the government is taking the decision to ban entry to all petrol pumpsí.

I am not trying to hide the fact that technology is being misused. It has to be controlled not deprived off.

The system has already extended its hands into movies or other media. The ban of the movie ďThe da Vinci CodeĒ is the best example. Government was trying to serve and protect the beliefs of the Christian Community but what about the freedom of information to the rest of the citizens?

The government should be more careful when they take decision like this. The right to expression canít be ignored just to safeguard (as they claim) the interest of certain sections of the society. I am a Christian myself. I believe that itís your faith that matters.

We have all the means to express our ideas, the newspapers, the magazines, and the television. But for the youth the internet was the best option out of all these. They found the blog more efficient and widely reached. Like for example, sometimes this email will end up in the deleted folder of your inbox, and not heard across. But I could have blogged this.

( I send this to ap rominent newspaper, they did not publish this, so I blogged this :-), but I should be thankful to the editor because he has published a letter from me about this topic)

I have just one thing to tell the authorities please leave the internet alone. Please leave us, netizens alone.


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