I dont get it !

“Our culture and our heritage” I’ve heard this many times. From my history teacher who used to blame the British for everything. She used to say that British were responsible for every single problem faced by the country. Wait a minute; I am just 22 years old now. Completed my engineering and am working now. The teacher I was talking about was back in class X. so that was in 1999. 

The British? They left the country back in 1947. Still we are blaming them for every thing? I don’t get it. 

She used to say ‘Our culture and our heritage’ was the best in the world. I dint quite agree with that then. But then I would be singled out. My opinions dint matter. The history books were the truth. They were the last word. 


What was she talking about?. She said this was one place we respected all elders, teachers with the slogan ‘matha pitha guru deyvam” or mother, father, teacher, God in that order. 

Even God comes after everyone, she highlighted.  

The reality? There are strikes all over
India in colleges, in schools.. We see the news and find students throwing stones at the college beat up teachers and destroy college property. 

I don’t know how many including me who obeys everything that the parents say. There are differences, there are fights. There is exchange of words that hurt one another. 

May be the culture she was talking about is, 

A place where a gal is not allowed to marry again if her husband leaves her….


A place where the gal is not allowed to choose her life partner.


A place where she is not send to school.. but her boy siblings are.


A place where female infanticide is higher.


A place where gals are tortured for dowry.


A place where wearing jeans is forbidden in many colleges.


A place where loving is a SIN.


A place where the seniors take the decisions and is enforced on.


A place where girl is blamed if she is being raped, it’s because she was wearing provoking clothes.


A place where calling a person by his caste is a crime, but identify themselves by their castes to get privileges.


There are a lot more to talk about.



  1. aha!!! I read 95% of your blog from first to the last post, but nowhere i thought there was ‘crap’ as the title suggests. You think very differently, and most importantly ‘freely’. Now, I am inspired to change my way of thinking differently in a positive manner. Thanks for this weblog, helped me a lot !

  2. @Amit, Thanks a lot.

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