Dead !

Facing near death experience can be frightening. Its something that we wish that never will come our way. I am talking about this because my two friends faced such a situation recently. We may be bold, hefty and confident. But the confidence would not show at the time you really want it. There will be an inch difference between death and life. You will be closer to the former.

It was a usual Sunday afternoon. My friend lets call him Ralf, was off to find a phone booth. His girl friend is working at a far off place and he had no balance in his prepaid mobile connection. On his way a bald, hefty looking man came his way and asked directions to a particular place. My friend who is new to the city promptly replied that he has not heard of such a place and he is new to the city. The man left without thanking him.

My friend made the call and was returning to the place that we stayed, when a person caught his arm and pulled him into an alley. My friend identified him as the person who asked for directions. He pointed a knife at him and asked for his gold chain. This is day light robbery. He dint know what to do. Should he fight his way out? Remember this is happening in broad day light and in the heart of the city.

Another friend of mine faced the same situation this time there were 3 of them.

How do we react if we are going to face such a situation? Are we going to a resist and get hurt? Or are we going to act by our instincts? Or do we negotiate our way out?

I am not sure.


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  1. Jeeno Philip Jacob · · Reply

    Nobody’s really sure about what do in that situation, although I’m sure you would find a book titled “how to think when a knife’s sticking in ur face”.( You have no idea what people write these days. ) I wouldnt be able to offer help as I havent been in the same situation. I think we would just follow our instincts.

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