When I tell people I am not patriotic they are surprised and I get separated out. What is patriotism? Respecting the flag and singing the national anthem? Or being a politician and working for the people ( I think that is what they are suppose to do, but I have not seen a single one doing that, and am not pretty sure what their actual task is.)

I think patriotism is all about loving one another, across the boundaries and not defining your love for the people to the boundary.

Who is defining all the boundaries? Aren’t the people on the other end human beings?

The one thing I agree on with my History teacher is the harmony which we had. The different religions that prospered in the country. The tolerance to all kinds of religions. These is one thing that I agree on.

 How many of the people who talk big about being patriotic has done anything for the country?. Is celebrating Independence Day with a new movie on the TV patriotic? I guess people used to at least watch the parade on TV on Republic day every year, when we did not have an option to change channels.

Now how many of us watch that? Is going studying abroad, when we have premier intitutions here patriotic? Is wearing a T-shirt with “I love India” patriotic? I don’t watch the Parade on TV.

If I abide by the rules of the country and pay my taxes regularly am I patriotic?. Then I guess I am.


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  1. Interesting post. Here’s my two cents.

    I would say patriotism is a sense of belonging to the country. Accepting the good and the ugly, and trying to do whatever you can do to make things better.
    You dont have to be the prime minister of the country to do something worthwhile. Small drops make an ocean, as the cliched phrase goes 🙂

    People staying abroad can be patriotic as well. I know at least one example 😉

    Many Non Resident Indians are returning to India to their bit for development of the country. The ones who dont physically return are a source of funding for little development projects here and there.

    In not so recent times, during the independance struggle, a lot of the extremist (krantikari, anyone?) movement was organised from outside India.

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