Traffic !!!

I take risks. Driving to office on my two wheeler is one of them. The traffic, crowded roads and streets, is a nightmare for any motorist in
India. The traffic rules would be the last thing that is running on your head when you rush to the office every morning. “Its luck” I tell my friend after reaching office everyday, “we were lucky enough to reach here alive”. In many countries jay walking is illegal, while here it’s the right of every citizen. But then you can’t blame the people, with open drains and busted footpaths, they have no other choice. Most of the places the footpaths will be occupied by beggars, motorcycles or vendors who give an uncouth look when you step on their products by mistake.

Ethics is missing. More than what the law can control, its all about ethics. It’s about the attitude of every individual around. Everyone is in a hurry; there is no room for patience or tolerance. You don’t like bumper tailing a car, you want to overtake to the front. You slam the breaks without indicating. You cut traffic lights, stop at no parking areas or irregularly without bothering how the vehicle next to you can pull out. You turn without signaling. You don’t dim your headlights when a vehicle is coming from the front. Cut traffic lanes without indicating. Honk your horn so hard when the driver in front of you took a second to move his car when the light turned green. Call all kinds of names to the driver who cuts you in traffic.

I do all this. Don’t you think you have done all this?

“Drive defensively, not aggressively” my dad used to say. With his more than 60 years of experience on Indian roads, it’s true and always echoes in my mind ( it just echoes, I haven’t tried it out yet 🙂 ). He always talks about ethics that should be prevalent in everyone. The obedience that is taught in school is not reflected on our lives. The obedience that we display at our workspace is not established on the road.

The roads here are like an arena where people flush their anger and frustration out. A chaotic ground of intolerance and aggressiveness.


One comment

  1. Yes like you said, the roads are one of the arenas where people flush their anger and frustration out. Anger and frustration is a way of life. Its hard for everyone to be always in control of their emotions. Trust me, the traffic in Bangalore is a monster. So its hard not to get frustrated. Everyone has their own priorities, deadlines, needs. So the question of ethics does not really come in.

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