The www

The www Internet. The word which makes a difference. A word that oxford dictionary describes as “an international information network linking computers, accessible to the public via modem links” . A word that changed the lives of millions of people all around the world.  Its provenance or growth is not what I am planning to write, it’s the impact of the lives of millions of citizens of the net who call themselves Netizens that impress me and make me wonder.  It changed lives, when I say change, it was a huge impact. 

  • Jobs.  

The internet gave birth to the new industry the IT. The job opportunities were tremendous. My life changed. The people surrounding me changed. Five years before when I joined college for engineering little did I know about what was in store for me? The job openings were all around with attractive offers. Ten years earlier when people searched desperately for jobs, we shuffled with offers.  

  • Information.

The huge ocean of information that the technology deliver to our desktops is incredible. The 17 inch window to the world of information, news and data or anything that you can think of.  Then information was reviewed, censored and sealed with the country stamp, now its free and available. I remember the times when the Indian political map in National Geographic or The News week that we subscribed was sealed with the Indian Emblem and message “The external boundaries as depicted in the map are neither correct nor authentic”. Sounds familiar?. Yeah it is common in the Arab countries where the government sponsored censor boards review every book that comes from abroad. I’ve heard that they even use markers to strike out the photographs of models and cover their navels with ink.  The television featured the National channels aired news which were politicized and biased. To get information that is authentic and accurate was a privilege the people dint enjoy.Now the information is so vast and open. 

  • Communication. 

One of the greatest abilities that we human beings possess. little we care about the ability, we take it for granted, but the skill itself is the primary tool for all the success we have. Internet made it efficient, rapid, anytime anywhere. Technology became the new tool for communication.  Business The growth of business using the internet was incredible. All the business utilized the net for its expansion. 

  • Personal & Education .

Discussion forums, chat, forums, online universities.

Anything that is available on earth you could find an ‘online’ counterpart to it.

Internet is one of the things that I cant live without.  


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