Cola vs watever

Read in the news today morning that the government plan to ban the sale and production of colas in Kerala state. This is the most ridiculous thing that I’ve heard. “The public health” is what the government is concerned about or ‘they say’. I totally agree with the government, they should be concerned about the public, after all we elected them to power, then there is a but………….

1. What about the liquor that is flowing in the state? According to estimates, kerala is the largest liquor consuming state in the country. With 100 tax on the beverages and supplied only from government outlets, the primary revenue of the state government is from liquor business. So they can’t even think of banning liquor in the state. There can defend themselves with the statutory warning that is printed on every liquor bottle and its been consumed by people who are doing it by their own choice.

2. Cigarettes, the killer. The government seems to be keeping numb on this product. What about the health of the people? Why are they not even considering banning tobacco and its products?

3. Pesticides. The agricultural practices here are not environmental friendly, where farmers use non-biodegradable chemicals as fertilizers and pesticides on crops. There is no much control over the use of these harmful chemicals in the state. The chemicals enter the food chain and gradually to our ground water system. Blaming the cola company for the pesticides in aerated drinks is deplorable. Its this ground water that they use in their manufacturing process.

4. Health. If government is so concerned about the health of its citizens, then why are the government hospitals around doesn’t even have the primary facilities, enough staff or doctors.

My advice ( is anyone listening? ) would be to give strict guidelines for the cola manufacturers. Not ban them out. Let them print the contents on the bottle, the pesticide levels, the chemicals they use etc. Or even worse let them put a warning on the cover.

Let the people consume it if they want to. This is a free country after all. We have warnings on Cigarette packs, people buy them on their own will. Lets do the same thing on cola too.

Doesn’t the government have many other things to do, like my friend whom I chat with said, employment, business etc in the state than go after publicity stunts like this?

I call this policy as the damnest thing ever!


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  1. I admit that i drink a lot of cola, so what are people like me supposed to do? Stop drinking cola coz the government thinks its not good for me? Puhlease!!!

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