Globa ‘lie’ zation in God’s own country

Why is everyone so concerned about globalization? What is wrong in it? I don’t find anything wrong when multinational companies shows their interest in the state and want to invest here. One section ( you all know who ) find that the globalization takes away our land, culture, traditions. But I find jobs coming in, I find wealth being generated. I find young people who are proud to support their parents. I find business prospering. I see development. I see parents who can now afford to sent thieir children to school. I see people who can afford many things now, which they couldn’t even dream off before. I see people lifted from the poverty lines. I see change.

When ‘beedi’ ( a worst form of tabacco) being manufactured in Kannur, they point their fingers at the mulitnational company for having pesticides in their product.

When they come to our place for collecting money, my dad chase them away saying “You guys don’t want the money from multinational companies right? . I am sorry we have just that.  My kids work for them”.

I remember when BMW turned up here for investing, the day they landed was on a hartal. They packed their bags and left for Chennai. We lost job opportunities and revenue.

I remember when they wanted unions at Technopark. They say people are being exploited there. If the employees there doesn’t feel so, why do these guys care?


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