Hierarchy and Domination

Hierarchy is something that people enjoy and respect. I am not talking about the relational heirarchy where people respect their elders or siblings. This is about professional hierarchy! This sounds normal because in any professional environment you find the ‘power’ tree which is often seperated out with designations. You have a boss, he has a boss above him, who inturn is answerable to the one above and there goes the heirarchy.

The heirarchy seems to be the normal thing aroung. Not that I dont agree with the fact of being the lowest in the ‘power’ chain,but am not quite enjoyin it. Well then this is life and this is the way it starts. I will have to just accept it. What I can’t accept is the politics surrounding it and the ‘foul plays” around.

Being the lowest resource in the chain, I get to know most of the gossip in the team, the politics played around by the top levels, the latest updates etc. I dont think anyone else in the chain is this informed as the lowest in the chain.

We joke about the managers, make fun of them, send chain mails, curse the people above, its fun all in all. There is one strong bond.

But then, I’ve heard that this is just a professional relationship, not to be taken to heart !

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