Freedom from what?

As we celebrates our 60th Independence day, one question echoes in my mind “Whose freedom are we celebrating,
Independence from what?”. We talk about the freedom from the British, I agree to all that, but isn’t that history now to talk about? Aren’t we supposed to think of the freedom that we are fighting for now? Aren’t we supposed to think about the fear and pain that the people of this country are living in? Terrorism?
What are they celebrating on this day? People who talk about abundance in this country (including myself), who talk about investors and the economy growth and celebrate their success at parties and nightclubs with champagne are celebrating their freedom. The freedom that they have achieved out of success, which they grabbed with money or which they conquered with power! I find it weird when the nation hoists its flag and salutes at our success, when its kids are scavenging the waste dumps to find something to fill their stomach with.The questions are all that we have. We go ahead and celebrate our next
Independence, little will we think of the people who are deprived of all the freedom that we enjoy.


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