“Tributes to Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin mounted Tuesday outside Australia Zoo, the tourist attraction founded by the khaki-clad icon, as people worldwide grappled with the loss of the TV personality” Excerpt from USA Today 6-Sept-06. Some enjoy taking risks. This person was famous for it. His death defying stunts with reptiles, handling snakes etc were famous all around. His show was the most watched one on animal planet. I enjoyed his shows. Not because he took risks, but the way he presented it. I couldn’t personally digest a stunt he performed with his kid, he hold the kid with his one hand while he faced a croc. This was criticized world wide, this was even worse than what Michael Jackson did (dangling his kid from the balcony while his fans waiting down cheered).The people in that part of the world are famous for taking risks, no wonder they are successful. All their sports involve 100 risk and extreme action. Sky jumping, bungee jumping, rock climbing, roller skating and many more. This part of the world people tend to be at the safe side. Always letting others take the lead. They crawl behind others because they fear failure and prefer being dormant than losing. I guess being a loser is far better than being dormant. What surprises me is we prefer taking unwanted risks, like for example, not wearing the seat belt while driving, even when we know that it could save life. Not wearing a helmet while riding your motorcycle, laying down different claims of losing hair or infections because you wore a helmet. Last week I saw a worker who was polishing marble at my place, doing it without any protection. He had no goggles, or mask to protect him from the dust. When I asked him, his reply was “Kid this is my job and I know what I am doing, I don’t need any protection.”. Good indeed.   


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