‘I own the road’ –KSRTC

KsrtcKSRTC or Kerala State Road Transport Corp is the largest single bus owner in the state with thousand of buses plying all over carrying thousands of passengers every day. The service that it’s providing is remarkable indeed with buses from every district to any place you can think of. But the chaos that it’s bringing to the state’s highways is noticeable to anyone who is driving in these roads. The drivers may not be speeding, but they drive recklessly, inflicting fear to the oncoming traffic.

There are few things that the British left behind when they left the country 60 years ago. Driving on left side of the road is one of them. But unfortunately to the drivers of KSRTC are either not aware that they are in good old India or doesn’t care. They stick to the right side of the road giving the drivers of the oncoming traffic a near heart attack. Cars go off the tarmac to avoid the oncoming KSTRC mammoths, bikers skid on to the footpaths, pedestrians run for cover all in a split of a second. The other drivers curse the KSRTC for their reckless driving, thank God for the near escape, relax to reduce the heaviness in their chest and continue with their journey.

This is the common story in all the highways in the state. With more number of KSRTC plying, it becomes more dangerous and risky to drive on the highways in the state than for an American to walk in Iraq.

The other day a KSRTC rubbed across the backside of my brother’s brand new car. The car was stopped at a traffic block when a KSRTC showed up and proceeded with the paint removing and indicator thrashing.

Money lost : 5k Time : 1 day.

After all the insurance company would only pay 50% for fiber materials.I guess everyone who owns a car/bike and take highways would agree with me with the fact that drivers of KSRTC are reckless and drive with no ethics. I was a regular commuter on KSRTC myself, a few things that KSRTC is famous for are ‘not stopping at bus stops’, not even when people signal to stop, treat passengers rudely, never give back the change (you have to keep on asking and finally the conductor will give it to you with ‘The look’ on his face) and its funny that every time you want to get down at a place that bus doesn’t  stop at that particular place( or the conductor says so). With all this and the chaos that they create on the roads is deplorable.

Every time you drive on the road you can hear the horns being blasted right into your ears along with the roar of the mammoths. Once it overtakes, you have to make sure that its tail doesn’t collide with your car and let you take the famous car stopping shown in police videos in AXN and then you cry out “where the hell does he think he is going “*&*@&#*@&#*@?????? Does he own the road or what????? **&&&%#%#^@ “ 

Well he does.

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