Scratch the car !


A new car.

Its every one’s dream.( at least for us Indians, coz for many of the privileged world its just a necessity). My dream has not yet come true, but my brother’s has. He bought a new car. A brand new Zen Estilo, metallic black.

The car shined its glory when it whizzed by. Black color was elegant in its looks and spread the message ‘I am coming, Make way’

When we cruised through small lanes to our rented house or through heavy traffic, made sure that we did not scratch it. The windows were always up and a/c on, to avoid all the dust to fly in. The speed was maintained at 60-70 and we echoed ‘No rash driving’.

Scratch 1

All out precautions went in vain when the series of incidents started. We were off to kottayam and was going on reverse from our car porch. The porch accommodates our Dad’s 93 model 800, his new Kinetic Nova, left over tiles, our two dogs ( which will end up sleeping in our porch every time we let them out to roam), so we end up squeezing in the car. So taking it out is as challenging as getting it in.

“Crack”. I heard the sound. Thought it was the gear slippage, the car had that for quite a while, especially in reverse gear.

C-R-A-C-K. This time the noise was louder.

I stopped the car and rushed out to check what it was. My heart was pounding ( well it should). It was a bucket.

It got tangled behind as we moved in reverse. It was left by us when we washed the car. The bumper being fibre was folded inside. My brother pushed it outside to its original shape. We thanked God that the bumper was not scratched.

‘That was silly of us’ we thought.

Scratch 2

The first service was with all the hopes and aspirations of getting more mileage and a clean & spot less car.

On the day of the delivery we found one scratch on the rear bumper. It was not there when we gave it for servicing. The windows were down and the dust was in. The seat cover was spoiled with grease, the dash dirty with black spots. Courtesy : Indus Motors TVM.

The dealer promised us to get the scratch covered up the next time we give it for servicing, for free. But the scratch left us with a scratch in our heart.

Scratch 3

My brother was off to see his friend who was admitted to the hospital after a minor accident. Thats when the mighty KSRTC brushed his skin across our poor car rear bumper. Well the scratch 1 (invisible) and scratch 2 however was removed after this incident and scratch 3 was into existence. This was huge and visible.

Scratch 4

I do not know exactly how this happened, but this is on the front bumper and it is visible.

Now with all these our car looks a year old. All make us feel at ease by saying “well this happens to all new cars” ( shit happens would have been better ).

“A scratch is no big deal” I would be able to hear this guy’s heart beat and cries even 10 mile away if his car got scratched.

“Well, its just a scratch, thank God that it didn’t get thrashed and no one is hurt” I find this reasonable.

With 4 Scratches after we are back on the road, with the same spirit and carefulness. For what? I have no idea.



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