Lets ban the channels

One day I switched on the TV to watch Fear Factor but I couldn’t find AXN. I called the cable TV guy only to know that it’s banned. “Check the news” he said. Now they banned FTV (too much flesh they say). Well now that many viewers are getting irritated and mentally affected by the flesh shown in FTV (they forgot about the remote and the option to change channels) they gave a petition to ban the channel, for which our ‘ever ban ready’ government eventually gave orders.

FYI There is an option on every TV remote with which you can change channels if you don’t prefer watching it. Its like in your computer system if you don’t want to go to a pornographic site you better not type in the address. And even if you accidentally land in a pornographic site you can close the window using ALT +F4 or by clicking on the x button on top right corner. It’s the same case. You always have the choice of not watching the channel.

Well if I am getting stubborn as these guys, then I want Asianet to be banned. Well I hate the serials and the soaps which are mentally affecting me. Once I watched a few episodes of ‘Sthree’ and it took me 4 months to recover from the mental trauma, when the lady playing the lead came back from her death. I get irritated every day coz I watch Kiran TV and I am not able to tolerate the ‘Manglish’ speaking anchors. And it takes me hours to figure out what they say. My patience ran out watching cricket I think they should ban sports channels too. They should ban Cartoon Network. Man they are showing too much violence in ‘Tom and Jerry’. This could provoke kids under 10 to hit their siblings with an iron or fishing rod. And POGO, Mr Bean is making me sick with his weird acts. And what about MTV? (they have already apologized for showing too much skin some time back).

All the new channels should be banned which shows the clips of FTV and says “This is banned”. And showed Al Qaeda chopping someone’s head off, charred bodies after an Israeli air strike, dead children when a boat capsized, and unedited video of Sadam’s execution and detailed explanation of his last moments. Men aren’t we barbarians?????

Bottom line is………….. don’t ban TV, instead lets ban all the channels…… Cheers !


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