Termite called ‘Credit card’

I applied for one, after all the agent was calling me more number of times than my girlfriend. And the formalities were pretty simple, because I was a privileged customer for them with my salary account in the same bank. Once the application was submitted,the agent said ‘Forty five days and the card will reach u sir !!!!’.

Well I have not seen things this speed happening anywhere in India. The credit card came on post and then came along its PIN for net banking registration. My purse looked pretty with the new ‘GOLD credit card’. Along with the gold card came another add on card. I placed them along with my other bank debit cards.

Watching all this my colleague commented “Having a credit card only makes u more on debt, doesn’t mean that u got rich”….

I gave some thought to it. I swear ed that I will use these cards wisely.

I called these cards as termites as it eats away half your salary every month. You swipe the card for anything and everything. You don’t spend the loose cash with you, end up flashing the card everywhere, hotels, petrol bunks, shops almost everywhere its accepted.

My colleague was right. 


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