Small Cars

Some years ago, if I book a car, I had to wait for years to get it delivered. There were few options like the Ambassodor and the Fiat Padmini. With awkward designs and few color choices it was the ultimate for anyone who dreamed to buy a car. 

Years later Maruti came into picture to give us cars at an affordable price. Cars which were a luxury item for the rich became a middleclass necessity. Maruti offered less powerful cars with more mileage at low cost. It made many dreams come true. 

Years later while Maruti was holding onto the market share in small cars, Tata, Hyundai, Daewoo came into picture. This revolutionized the market even further.  

In today’s news I read the launch of GM Chevrolet Spark a small segment car that competes with Zen Estilo and Santro. This is going to bring prices down. Also in the review site, it’s mentioned about the launch of a new model Spark to compete with Maruti 800. This is going to make many middleclass family’s dreams come true.


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