Road Rage

The number of road accidents are increasing. Read this piece of news click here. In
India, these involve mostly two wheelers. Any two wheeler rider faces potential danger at all times. He is risking his life when he is traveling on a busy stretch of road or even deserted highway. His entire body is open to possible injuries if he falls or meets with an accident. And in a place where helmet is not compulsory at all states and where laws are meant to be broken or forgotten, basic safety is neglected.

I guess it’s better to pay for a helmet that to pay for the brain surgeon! We might not be able to avoid possible injuries to other parts of your body in an accident, but you can save your head! 

I hear arguments from people who say “what’s use of a head when other parts of the body are damaged?” Well other parts of the body are repairable and less complicated compared to our head.  

There is a law in
India which forces car manufacturers to install seat belts in every car. But then there is no law that states that the driver should wear them !!!!!!! (at least to my knowledge)

It’s not just the lack in safety features that is causing all the deaths. Its ignorance, impatience, lack of ethics and chaos.  



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