In Search of an Apartment Part I

I was glancing through the classifieds and the online forums in search of a new apartment. Most of them have a one liner at the end of the details about the apartment. It read “for families only”. Keeping in mind that I am about to be a family man in another 3 months, I called up one of the landlord whose number I got from the forum. A grouchy sounding man took the phone, I asked him about the details. He said the apartment is at one of the luxury areas in the city with access to …. U name it. I just wanted to know about the rent and advance details, but then the following conversion stared off. 

“Do you have an NRI account?” Not knowing what to answer I replied

“Ahem, no but I do have a Savings Bank Account”.

“Well the thing is, we accept the rent only in Singapore dollars, and the rent would be 500 $”

“So you don’t accept rent in Indian Rupees? I am being paid in rupees” I said.

“Yes we do but then, the rent will depend on the conversion rates applicable.”

“Do you accept US dollars?” I asked sarcastically.“Well the conversion rates will be applicable still”. He replied. 

I guess even the shop keeper next to ma rented house would be more than happy to accept money in USD for my purchases. But then what about the Rupee notes in my purse?

No one seems to have an answer. 


One comment

  1. merlin thomas · · Reply

    Great 🙂 Expect more stories about apartment searching like part 1,2,3…

    Wish u all the best 🙂

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