I hate dogs from 3rd July 2007

I went to the hospital after a serious Dog bite. The wound was deep and lost some blood too. The doctor advised a TT and anti-rabies injection. The injections cost pretty high, its imported from France said the doc. I dint care about the money, but wanted the dog dead by noon.

“Keep an eye on the dog for 10 days” said the doc “symptoms of rabies will be evident in 10 days, most probably if its infected, it will die in 2 weeks”. “If nothing happens to the dog, then nothing to worry.”  said the doc. They gave me two shots, and I have 4 more pending. These have to be taken on the 3rd day, 7th, 14th and 28th. That means I will have to wait two weeks before I can take revenge.

 Well it’s my neighbor’s pet dog, and it bit me while I was walking down the street. I did not invade its space, nor did I try for any confrontation. It just came and attacked me. I was wearing shorts, which is one of the reasons why I have a deep injury. How to take revenge on the dog? 

Plan #1

 Beat the s*** out of it, but this mean direct confrontation and this is a bit risky. But this will sure cool me off, and will give me a feeling that I am indeed taking revenge. 

   Plan #2 

 Run over it with a car. But then this is too complicated. First of all, getting my car and the dog in position is gonna be tough. Nevertheless I could try my luck. 

    Plan #3 

 Use rat poison sandwiched with chicken pieces and bread. This tasty combination could be the easiest way to take revenge. This indeed will make me feel proud and happy each time I get the shots (FIVE TIMES!!!!!) and when I had difficulty in walking and all the mental pressure I went through. 

    Honestly speaking, I am not going to go forward with any of my plans, but next time I see the dog, I will run and won’t act brave…



  1. […] dress to go forward with the task. But then it was real scary ( I am scared of dogs or rather I hate them . Chandler Bing hate dogs too. ( I guess I am watching too much FRIENDS […]

  2. he he see Amerros Perros.. a mexican movie(award winning one)
    it translates to love is a bitch.. the show a lot of dogs dying in the movie.. may be this will ‘cool u down’

    1. You mean Amores Perros (Alejandro Gonzalez Irrarritu)

  3. @balu

    I cant wait to see that movie !

  4. in that case its in french/spanish with english sub-titles…

  5. no idea if any rental in the ity will have it!

  6. @Balu

    Oh okay. Thanks neyways !

  7. i have never been bit by one…but i am scared of them and not hate them because of the stories i was told when i was small 🙂

  8. hahahaha.. i hope the dog runs before u get it~~~

    Ahh, finally i meet one more person like vishesh, scared of dogs… I on the other hand am a dog lover, have always had dogs and have one now too…

    this guy is as docile as one can get
    but yes, he does growl at strangers, but that turns to a whimper in couple of mins, for he wants to be petted or played with~~~ 🙂

  9. @vishesh,
    Thank ur stars. Puppies are indeed cute until they grow up with strong teeth.
    All the dog owners tell us one thing “my dog doesnt bite”
    This was what that dog’s owner also told me 😦


  10. Is the Dog, Dead yet, i mean aheemm….some accident 😉

  11. kill that sucker; rat poison is the best; just put out where he will get it

    1. Great idea

  12. Dimentio · · Reply

    Use the car run over plan,its the safest one,And effective too. I ran over a dog yesterday (It was a accident)

  13. Xybort · · Reply

    I hate dogs too. everyone likes them because they obey and can do what you say and come back to you. That’s because they want food, and really dogs are just dumb. They can’t get their own food.

  14. Do plan 3. If accused, you can say you left it out for rats, but “unluckily” the dog ate it.

  15. Doghater · · Reply

    I hope you ended up killing the dog with a baseball bat.

  16. Revenge is dumb and you know that. Would you want the guy who’s car your inexperienced teenage driver kid slammed into to take revenge on your kid? And, did the dog nip you and just break the skin, or did it clamp down through your skin. Many times, out of fear aggression, a dog just bumps you with with a lower front tooth. If you’re unsure, call in the Humane Society for a grounded assessment.

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