Impressive Indeed!!

This couple was different, may be we can call them the elderly but then there was something impressive about them. I met them while on my search for an apartment. They were planning to rent out their apartment and they offered me to show around. They were pretty old and rich, renting out this apartment was not of their choice. “I bought this apartment from my cousin, I dint want this, but then I sold my apartment which I had in Bombay and didn’t know what to do with the money.” The old man said. I walked through the oversized bedroom and living rooms and thought ‘Man! This is good!!’ I talked to the old man about the rent and advance, the offer was pretty reasonable and I decided to take it. He invited me to his house to settle out the agreement.           

The house itself was different. The design was something new and impressive. They had old furniture’s in their living room. The old man was very talkative. He would start a conversation and never stop at all. But he was interesting.He talked about his kids who all are abroad; to the Kanchipuram saree he bought for his wife after a good bargain, to his job at Aramco in 1950, Shell and Indian Oil, to Government service and his retired life at the capital of Kerala. His life was pretty impressive; he was successful, rich and has a good family. Except for the fact that his kids are abroad and he is living alone with his wife, he is having a wonderful time.  The old lady bought me Tea which I drank luxuriously. She sat on the couch next to mine. They talked about how they can’t understand technology that they don’t have a cell phone. “It’s too complicated” said the old lady. “I prefer the age old land phone” added the old man. 

“We don’t have cable either” said the old man.

“But how do you guys listen to the news?” I asked.“We have a radio” he said. “She listens to it when she is in the kitchen”.“And I want to sleep peacefully and read all bad news only in the morning” he added. “I prefer The Newspaper”.

 “I don’t use ATM cards” he said, “its too complicated and I can’t remember the passwords. So I go to the bank each time I need money. That’s exercise and lot simpler”  I talked to him about the advantages of having internet at home, using ATM cards, net banking etc etc. “It could make your life simpler” I said.  “Well it’s complicated” He said. 

I know it’s not because they can’t afford it. He was in all the top positions in many Major companies and I knew I don’t have to teach him about technology.They are avoiding technology and I can’t blame them. How on earth can anyone remember all the passwords of their four Debit cards, their corresponding net banking passwords, credit card numbers, account numbers, email ids and their passwords, system login id and password etc etc. I forget it at times too. No wonder the old couple thinks its best to avoid it. Technology doesn’t work for all. We try to make it simpler so that our elderly as well as the young can use it at their convenience, but I don’t think you can convince them all. At the same time we can always try to make it a bit simpler (???). Simpler??? Ha Ha        


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  1. Well said. Makes sense. Nice post.

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