CrapBook featured in ‘Bangalore Mirror’

One fine morning I came to office to learn that ma blog is on the news ! That was quite a surprise and I thought that I was on the news for some wrong reason ! 🙂

 The ‘Welcome to Bangalore’ thread was featured in the Blogtalk section (19th Sep 07 edition of the ‘Bangalore Mirror’)

Thanx !!!!!!



  1. Suraj Paul · · Reply

    Hope this incident that happened to me on the 20 April, 2008 helps people understand how cops act when it comes to doing their jobs. My name is Suraj Paul, and I am a residence of Bangalore.
    This incident occurred at about 6 pm, while I was going towards chinaswamy stadium from Kids kemp on MG Road. Once I reached the brigade road signal, I stopped since it was red. I was in my Scorpio. As most of you know that half this road is blocked for metro construction. Once the lights turned green as I just began to move forward a person from my left tried cutting to the right of the road. He hit my car and fell down. He did not get injured nor was his bike, a yellow Karizma. His name was Mohammad.
    There were about 4 traffic police and about 2-3 normal cops there. They immediately came to me and asked me to bring my car to the side. I asked the cop politely if he had seen the incident, but he started to use bad words at me like loud* etc. I told him that it was not my fault, but he refused to listen.
    He asked me for my license and when I showed it to him he kept it in his pocket and refused to give it back. The cops name was Kenchapa, he was a sub inspector.
    The bike rider also started accusing me (though he was the one who had broken the rule, of overtaking from the left, and he was the one who rammed into my car). When ever I tried to talk to the police all he did was use bad words and asks me to pay the other rider.
    The Bike guy was shouting and creating a big scene, he then called his brothers, and they came and spoke to me and demanded Rs.3000 for the damages for his bike, which in this case was his own fault. And the cost of the damages was nothing but a little pain job.
    Police at this point are just there to harassment the common man. No logic, no talking they just demand a price. The biker was shouting in Hindi I think he was drunk. The cops did not ask him anything nor tested him for alcohol all they said was settles it with him.
    After a while when I got a chance to talk to the cop, all he said was since I was in a bigger vehicle I have to pay the other person, irrespective of what may have happened.
    First of all I want to know is there any Rule that a cop can STEAL your driving license and not give it back.
    Second is there such a rule which says, the bigger vehicle driver is always at fault.
    Thirdly, is it right for cops to use such bad language for no reason?

    There should be someone to look into this and stop such incidences from happening again. We call this a developed city when such things still happen here. Its time we spoke up and make this city a better place to live in.

  2. @Suraj,
    I understand your plight. But this happens everywhere, not just in the city, but in the villages aswell. And we all know how good our policemen are at words (the extensive training for personality development has not helped a bit). Be it harassing, youngsters, women or small girls, there are the best we have.

    And did your pay them up? I gues you should asked thme to come to court. Taken pictures with your mobile.

    My brother’s car was hit by a Kerala transport bus and we did not get any compensation so far.
    Welcome to India.

  3. why cant u just take a picture of it and upload…

  4. I dont know where the paper is now, its like an year old now. I mite have sold it.
    Recently one another post was featured (total 3 ) i cudnt get the copy of the recent one.

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