In Search Of An Apartment Part II

Well this time am not in ‘Gods own country’ am in the Garden city of India and in search of a house (desperately). I set off on ma bike to meet a number of agents whose numbers are all over the electricity poles, websites and newspapers. They take you out for a ride, through the alleys, streets and garbage. One agent promised me to show a 2BHK (Bedroom, Hall, Kitchen) house and the way he make money is real interesting. Owners have put signboards outside their house ( ‘To let’ or ‘for rent’ etc). The agent took me for a ride, stops when he sees a board and calls the number written on the board. He gets the key from the owner, show me around the house and if am interested gets one month equivalent as his brokerage.  Wait a min !!!!!!!!! ‘This is something I can do’ I thought. I can just go around a look for these ‘signboards’ and meet the owners by myself!!. This left me with no choice but to chase the agent away and go on my own. I roamed around the place, looked for boards…called a few owners, but didn’t get the bargain I was looking for. It was getting late and I thought I will resume my ‘search’ the next day. The next day was a long one with me starting the search as early as 10AM. Went around the place for a long time but couldn’t find any house that suited ma budget/choice.This left me with no other choice, but to call some other agents….

Finally the agent found me a house I was looking for. I lost one month rental as brokerage.



  1. Nothing new in that…. am still hunting for house…… The brokers take people to places mentioned in papers like ad mag.. they really take people for a ride…..

    PS: If you wanna become a broker.. Qualifications>
    learn kannad
    have a mbile
    bike too
    have a chela who will act as if he is also interstd in the house(jus to force you to tak decision fast)

  2. @ Balu

    yeah, that is right. anyone can become an agent, but its a very competitive market out there… 🙂

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