Losing faith in Justice?

 The recent attacks by angry mobs all over the country is a sign indeed of losing faith in the judiciary. This article in the Times of India made me think a bit on how the judiciary affected me personally. We had a robbery at our house years ago, when I was just a kid. A case was registered at the local police station and the thieves were caught with the booty in 1 month. The case was taken to the local court but was delayed each time we went for the hearing for no or silly reasons. This was taking its toll on my mom and my aged grandmother who had to make these court visits every month. Finally after 2 years justice was served. The thief was sentenced to a few years in prison and the loot was retuned to us. I guess this was indeed a long time for a case like this. I guess people are losing the faith that they don’t want to go behind court proceedings considering the time/money/patience lost. In many instances people turn a blind eye on injustice just because it’s going to a big headache if they intervene. I believe this should change. I guess waiting ones life time for justice in a free country like India is outrageous!!!!! 


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