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I happened to be an unfortunate customer of Hindustan Lever Pureit. I bought a Pureit Water purifier after I saw the advertisements on the TV. One of the prime reasons why I decided to buy the product was because it was from HLL. I called the customer care  at 1PM on Saturday 6th of Oct 2007. The customer care representative greeted me and told me the product will be delivered in 2 working days. To my surprise their executive knocked my door in 2 hours !! 

I was happy with the prompt response and the quick delivery, well not for long….. As me and my wife was busy the whole week end we didn’t use the purifier for the two days. On Monday we noticed a gap in between the top and bottom tumblers, which we were concerned whether some insects will get through. I called the customer care on Monday to register a complaint and to get the purifier replaced.

The customer service executive promised me that it will inspected in two working days.

I waited for two days and no one turned up at my house. I called them again on Wednesday and they said the executive will be coming the next day. I called them on Thursday, Friday and on Saturday as well. The only answer the call center gave me is an ‘apology’ for what happened and a ‘promise’ that their agent will be coming to my house the next day.  The call centre also gave me the number of another person who happens to be in charge of sales in Bangalore. I called him and narrated my experience with him. He told me he will call me back and never did. I am surprised at the poor customer service that HLL is offering.

I agree that they have an 8AM-8PM call center and picks up calls at the second ring, but then they are of no help. I agree that that they delivered the product in record time, but the follow-up is less or zero percent.  I feel that once they got the customer’s hard earned money, they don’t care about the customer anymore. Now there is no money involved and their agents don’t bother coming to my house anymore.

It’s even more surprising that the nearest HLL pureit agent office is just half a km away from my house and they didn’t even bother to come to my place to get it replaced.  The relationship with the customer will not be over once the company gets the money; it should be a long and lasting one. I am sure I WOULD NOT recommend this product to any of my friends, relatives and my colleagues.  

 I have drafted a letter with my complaint to Customer care HLL!!  I hope I dont get the same reponse I got till now.

Note : They came to my house today after 8 days. The salesman told me that all Pureits have this defect. I appreciate their honesty !!!

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  1. Vaibhav · · Reply

    That gap is for the oxygen to pass through. If that gap is not there, you would need to change the water everyday. You can store the water for 2 days because of that gap and because oxygen reaches the water. You don’t have to worry about any insect going through as it can’t reach the stored water in any way:)

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