Review 3.

I was a satisfied customer of Tata Indicom till I came to Bangalore. I wanted to take a new postpaid connection with Tata indicom and paid a visit to the nearest “Tata Indicom True Value Hub”. 

The ‘Hub’ was crowded and I quickly collected my token. The representative asked for my documents. I gave him my rental agreement copy to along with my pan card copy to him. He said he won’t accept rental agreements as the proof of residence. I challenged him by saying that the agreement is written on stamp paper which happen to be from the Government of Karnataka. So if he doesn’t accept it, it’s like he doesn’t accept the validity of the Government of Karnataka. My explanation doesn’t seem to help. I tried in layman terms. “My friend….. if I can give almost a lakh rupees to my house owner and the only thing which I can use to get it back is this sheet of paper, why don’t you accept that this paper is indeed valid” 

This didn’t seem to convince him either.  

The manager of the store happened to hear it and he intervened. He told me that according to TRAI act, the rental agreement has to be sealed by the Notary. I still don’t get it. May be I am bit ignorant on the changing rules, as far as I can remember you only need to give your rent receipt or rental agreement as proof of your temporary residence.

And still they won’t activate your postpaid account until they confirm your address!!!!!

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