Movie n Bangalore

Once upon a time I used to watch a movie for Rs35. Buy pop corn for Rs5, fight with the shopkeeper at the theatre that he is charging Rs 12 for the Rs 10 bottle of Pepsi, curse the theatres that they are charging more for snacks, parked my vehicle for free.  

Now I pay Rs 250 on a ticket, buy popcorn for Rs 95 and pepsi for another 45, park my bike for Rs 10 and curse none.

 And the worst part is my friends watched the same movie for Rs 40 back home !!!

 Well I am in Bangalore (sigh)


  1. ha ha ha you are not alone my dear friend
    me too facing the same situation…

    PS: wenever U go hm see as many moviesas u can.. last time i went i saw sm mammootty movie(forgt name) aag and some stupid english movie before coming bck.. it cost only 120 totally!

  2. I got both options..When wid gals i prefer 180 wala..and when wid lukkhas..i go to ganesh Talkies where they charge 40 bucks for any brand new films.. 🙂

  3. @Nitin
    yeah. I guess you get a better crowd at the malls.

  4. but then you need to pay for why crib about it?

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