Traffic Rule or You RULE?

12 steps to rule on Bangalore Roads. !!! 

1.         You can drive your vehicle through anywhere. When the traffic is slow overtake everyone…… when the traffic stops and there is no place to go, take ur vehicle on the footpath….. (its surprising because,  the auto rickshaws and even BMTC buses take the footpaths.

2.         Blow your horn even if there is no vehicle in front of you, or even if its 1AM.

3.         When you stop at a traffic light and the countdown is 199–198–197 (turn of your vehicle)……. 99–98–97 (look around and you can see the patience in all of them)……………when the countdown reaches 15–14–13 (turn on your vehicle, especially when its a kick start, you dont want the driver behind you to call u names.. do you????  6–5–4 ( start your vehicle if you have electric start) and Vroom …… wait a min the light dint turn green… well who cares……….Then race to get to the next signal !!!!!!

4.         You can take turns as Michael Schumacher takes his vehicle on the race track.

5.         The Bangalore roads are literally race tracks.

6.         If your car has 7 scratches, it’s brand new.

7.         The auto driver will give you an innocent look when he hits you from behind. Ignore him and keep driving.

8.         At traffic stops fill up the 3 feet gap you find in between two vehicles with your own vehicle, especially if you have a semi-truck.

9.         Take a left or a right when ever you feel like. Don’t use the indicators.

10.        Keep an attitude “IF you don’t stop You will HIT me” when you take your vehicles onto the main roads and no one stops for you to pass.

11.        If you are a poor pedestrian and want to cross the road, find the nearest traffic stop. Forget the zebra crossings.

12.        One good thing about Bangalore traffic is that the Buses, heavy trucks drive on the right side of the lane. So we have the left lane for ourselves !!!! to VROOOMM!!!! 

But please refer to the following manual.


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