They are just kids after all !!!!!

I am saddened by the fact that in many schools teachers follow the age old punishment of physical torture. I guess it high time the authorities put in effort to stop this kind of physical punishments in schools. They are children for GOD’s SAKE ! 

We see this in the news all the time now.Kids with bruises all over their body.

A girl child asked to strip in front of the class.

A young kid who lost his hearing ability after he was punished by his teacher. 

Now the latest.

I think this is outrageous. 

I guess there are other ways to let them know they are wrong at things. Like the west where they have the detention room, where the student have to spent sometime studying or reading.

Or there are better ways to let the kid know that he is doing a mistake by explaining things to him in a friendly way.After all they are children, innocent as they can be. Forgive them pleaseeeeeee ! 


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