I learn from my elders

Some write their daily bullshit on their blogs. Well I don’t have to be bothered; it’s their blog after all. But being an Indian who has all the rights for expression called as the freedom of speech, I want to raise my voice against it. Its affecting my thought, inner beliefs and  bandwidth. 

You must be wondering why I am writing this blog and WHY THE HELL am I bothered about other people and what they write in their blogs. Well I am and I will be.  I learn from my elders, the people we are asked to respect and learn from. Elders like our lawyers, doctors and teachers.Now every other lawyer(or my elderly friend) is filing a case in the courts against the atrocities committed by the Americans in Vietnam. Yes they are !! or Almost. Let me list out a few cases that has been registered 

  1. Ban the song “Hare ram hare ram Hare Krishna Hare ram” from the movie Bhool Bullaiyya ( remake of a Malayalam movie Manichitrathazhu) because half naked ladies are dancing in the song’s video. This is an insult to the religious sentiments.
  2. Ban the song “Kalyanam than kettikittu oodikalamma ….” { Translation : lets get married and then run or let me deliver your kid and then get married}  from a tamil movie. This is an insult to the entire society. Yes indeed.
  3. Take Aamir Khan to court because he disrespected the Indian flag. For those who came in late, here is what happened as it was on the news, Aamir Khan was at an inaugural function of a showroom, after the function he left for home or wherever. In the evening, employees at the showroom took down the flag in an indecent fashion. Yes Amir Khan should be taken to the court for this.
  4. Ban smoking of cigarettes being shown in the movies because the viewers suffer from secondary smoke. Please don’t ban cigarettes as the government is getting hell lot of money as sales tax, lets take it off-screen.

  My gentle questions to my elders. 

  1. Why didn’t you ban “Dam maro Dam, Mittu jayee hum………..hare Krishna hare ram”. Is it coz she was dressed in a classic suit? Give me a break!
  2. Okay, so the minute a 15 year old listen to this song, he decides to elope with his girlfriend. Oh ma goodness, what logic you have to support such a case? What are you thinking?
  3. I don’t know what happened exactly. But is this case worth wasting the court’s time?
  4. Indeed yeah. So if you make a movie on Winston Churchill, you give him a lollipop instead? Please grow UP !  This is story telling and not real life. Lets ban it in real life and not in reel life !

 I want to take all the bloggers to court who write silly stuff in their blogs. Well I am getting influenced !

* Disclaimer : The facts in this blog are with reference to the news available on the internet. If you think I got my facts wrong, google it or you can protest (express your freedom) or even better write a blog all by yourself and pray that someone will read it !


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