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Ma Old Blogs !

I almost forgot that I had an account with Recently while flushing out my old emails, I found emails from blogger. com. I decided to check what ‘crap’ I have written in those blogs ( I forgot the address of the blogs, the username and passwords ). I tried all combinations of username and […]

My Daddy Strongest! Part II

This time it was him against State Bank of Travancore. He had loan with the bank and the manager has promised him that he would have the flexibility of withdrawing from the loan account any time he wanted.   He withdraw-ed money only as and when he wanted. After two weeks the manger quit and the […]

My Daddy Strongest ! Part I

Browsing through a couple of blogs today and I found an interesting one. This was about consumer protection. This reminds me of the consumer cases my dad has filed against State Bank of Travancore and The KSEB (Kerala State Electricity Board).  My dad can’t take it when it comes to poor customer service. (My daddy […]

American ‘Inventors’

There a very funny show on TV. No its not one of those sitcoms where people (who don’t exist) laugh in the background (its kinda annoying at times). The show am talking about is American Inventor.I began to watch it lately on STAR WORLD thinking that this is a very serious show and to my […]

Cabbies n quick money !

 There was nothing unusual about my cab driver for today ( he was driving the car with one hand on the steering wheel and one on his cell phone, after quickly overtaking the car in the front, he switched gears while handing me the route sheet.. In the mean time he managed to shows signs […]

Landmark Judgement ! Read the judgement!  Now you dont have to pay extra at airports ! Take a copy of this judgement the next time you travel !

Another Post Featured in Bangalore Mirror.

Another post featured in today’s edition of Bangalore Mirror !

Scary Autorickshaws II

I was just surfing the net today, when I encountered this blog  I see that I am not alone. But its sad that no one was considering the complaints this blogger has give for serious action !.

Scary AutoRickshaws !

“Please….Could you please drop me at my house???…Please……..”. YES I am pleading to someone and the person is an auto driver in Bangalore.  They just say NO when they hear “HSR Layout”. Its either a blunt NO or nod as in ‘NO’. Sometimes they give me a look as if “who asked you to stay […]