Cabbies n quick money !

 There was nothing unusual about my cab driver for today ( he was driving the car with one hand on the steering wheel and one on his cell phone, after quickly overtaking the car in the front, he switched gears while handing me the route sheet.. In the mean time he managed to shows signs (in an obscene manner) to a motor cyclist who cut in front of us. All while trying to open a packet of PAN.) 


 But there was something unusual about him, that why I am writing this blog after all. In spite of doing all this in one rapid action he managed to go under the dash board to turn some squeaking knob. And each time he did that, the meter turned 2KM.

“Are bhaiyya, what are you doing” I asked.

 “Nothing” he replied startled.  

When he did that for the third time I asked him “Is there any thing wrong with the meter?” 

 He said “Yes” and said that, that’s the reason why he has to run it manually!!!!! 

Most of the companies have outsourced their transport division. Mostly some third party vendor arranges the cab for the companies, the third party keeps a route sheet with these cab drivers who have to log in the meter reading when they move out of the company facility and when they come back after the pick up. 

My cabbie was just trying to make some quick money; he would just turn the meter to some extra 10 KMs for each trip because this will go unnoticed. Well not now! 


  1. I read somewhere you had commented on Sawaariya that the review was better than the movie. Ha! Ha! That’s the reason I popped in to check out your blog. .. And I’m glad I did. You write well.

  2. @KDP

    Hey thanx and I meant what I wrote about Sawaariyaa !!! 🙂

  3. Boy!!! What all will they not do for some quick bucks!!!!!

  4. @Nova.
    Yep. This is just one of the ways to make some money if u drive cabs for a living.

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