American ‘Inventors’

There a very funny show on TV. No its not one of those sitcoms where people (who don’t exist) laugh in the background (its kinda annoying at times). The show am talking about is American Inventor.I began to watch it lately on STAR WORLD thinking that this is a very serious show and to my surprise its freaking hilarious !!! 

Well no offence to the participants who are taking part in the show, I can’t resist to say that that show is too funny to handle. 

Craziest Inventions. 

Some come with their weird ideas like the portable pee –er. Or in scientific terms ‘you can urinate’ in public with this device.. ( Gosh I was glad that the judges didn’t beat him up, I appreciate their patience).  

Or the socks . I can’t call this crazy. But he should have come up with something ‘original’. 

There was another guys with a designer wear T-shirt which protects your hands from the ‘cruel’ sun.

Judge : “So you invented full sleeves??” 

Yet there was another Retired Human Resource Manager who invented the ‘Therapy Doll’ which will help you at time of distress. ( its nothing but a doll that will keep on saying ‘its going to be alright… its going to alright’) This failed to impress the judges and he was thrown out. The final shot he got on TV was him using the doll which repeated ‘its going to be alright’. !!!  

I know these shows might be hurting people’s sentiments because they might have spent months researching on their inventions, but I cant stop laughing.

Full sleeves and socks??? Gimme a break ! Watch American Inventor on Star world. Sunday’s at 1900.

“They laughed at Edison. Well I will have my laugh all the way to the bank !!” A participant in American Inventor.


  1. Okay looks like you have convinced me! 🙂

  2. @Balu

    Ha Ha, you should watch the reruns for this week. Check the schedule @

  3. i saw one or two videos in youtube.. one guy apparantly discovered a new revolutionary way to change cycling.. didn’t make any sense to me though!

  4. @Balu,

    Yep !thats what am talking about. Most of the inventions are simply stupid !
    I guess they just want to be on TV ! 🙂

  5. nice post. 🙂

  6. Thanx Ram. watch American Inventor and then you will know what triggered me in writing this post !

  7. nice crapbook taju

  8. @Nishu
    Thanks ! 🙂

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