Ma Old Blogs !

I almost forgot that I had an account with Recently while flushing out my old emails, I found emails from blogger. com. I decided to check what ‘crap’ I have written in those blogs ( I forgot the address of the blogs, the username and passwords ).

I tried all combinations of username and passwords I generally use. Nothing really worked. I tried the ‘Forgot your password’ feature, entered my blogname(thanks to google, I got my blog name).

Whoosh, I got the confirmation that an email has been sent to my ‘Hotmail account’. Man, it has been years since I used my hotmail account. I wondered whether that will work.

But it did, although it didn’t have any emails (except the confirmation from blogger). A few more clicks and I got my blogger account reactivated and found that I had three blogs !!!!! more than 2 years old( I realized I have a very bad memory).

 Reading through the Story of a desperate engineer @ was fun. This reminded me of my days when I started ma career.

Also Life  had all the random thoughts that overcrowded my silly mind !

Reading through my old blogs I wondered how the work pressure and changing life gradually pulled me out of blogging. But then, I was back with a bang !!!


  1. Had a good time reading few old posts… y did u ‘quit’ on them neway?

  2. Even I had two blogs both erased for good (out of frustration)..
    Now I contribute only on co-blogging-condition! 🙂

  3. hehe.
    I dont know, I guess I got tied up with work !!! But then some one introduced me to wordpress. Here I am …glued to my blog everyday !

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