Tips In Writing a Complaint

If you have read the previous post (My Daddy Strongest Part I and Part II ), you would know what is inspiring me on fighting for justice(often end up as a ‘fight’ itself with no justice). 

No. I have not filed any case in consumer court so far. But I have tried my luck by sending complaints when I feel that I am not treated as ‘king’. (for your reference ‘Customer is King’). But complaints never really work. I guess they have a shredder machine in their mail room and if the mail has ‘customer’ ‘complaint’ or similar words, it goes directly to the shredder. 

Tips when you send complaints 1. Never send an email ( its easy for them to delete it off). I have send complaints through email and have never recieved a reply so far.

 2. Send a printed snail mail. Don’t use abusive language. Don’t boast that you are going to sue them( but you can write ‘I am going to take this to the next level if………’) 

3. Don’t make the complaint personal ( like against a particular employee) use terms like ‘manager of XX branch sitting right next to the printer. Now you don’t have to pinpoint and they will get the idea. 

4.Please don’t swear.

 5. Make it emotional “I never expected this from your company, I was your customer for xx years.”. At least this will glue them to the letter.

6. Write follow up mails if you are not getting any replies. Put “pleeaaaseee don’t shred me” on the cover. 

Disclaimer : I am not responsible for the consequences arising as a result of following these tips.In case you a get a positive reply do let me know(just want to check if these tips really work!)



  1. Instead of pls don shred me y not include social service message

    Save trees… (trees-paper-no reply then -trees – more paper so on)

  2. @Balu,

    yeah that cud help too ! but then they will shred it anyway (thinking that I shud have thought about trees when I printed the complaint)

  3. i wrote one to Tata Indicom when the net was down for 2 weeks.. it was up the next day. sentimental blackmailing works.. and so does biting sarcasm!!

  4. Yeah I added this line when I sent an email to the credit card company.

    “I will end up paying huge amounts as fine, late pay fee, I will have to sell my mobile to pay of the dues.. (sigh)…….well NOT if you help me”


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