The Landlord ‘Treatment’

“Yeah I have told the carpenter to fix it”   said my landlord. (One of our cupboards needs to be fixed).

“You need not worry about it” she adds with a smile. 

Me “And the lock?”

Landlord “Yes that too! You need not worry about it”

Me “And the forest behind our kitchen?  The plants out there are getting denser

Landlord “Yeah I will ask my servant to clear it. You need not worry about it” 

The reason I write this blog is …. We have this conversation on the 5th of every month. That’s when I pay THE RENT. She repeats this every month and nothing happens. 

I guess I should give her THE treatment.

6th of Next month

Morning  Landlord “I was checking if anything is wrong”

Me “I am fine thank you. My wife is fine too.”

Landlord “I dint get the rent, I have to pay the loan” (I am just foreseeing this would be the next dialogue, coz this is what every landlord usually say. They won’t say something like ‘well give me the rent …I have a party today’)

Me “I will. You need not worry about it” 

Landlord “By today???”

Me “You need not worry about it”

Landlord “Okay bye then”

Me “You need not worry about it” 


Landlord “Hi….”

Me “You need not worry about it” 

That should teach her !!!


  1. hahaha…lol
    nice one …

  2. @Nitin.
    I hope that will teach her 😀 and i will get my cupboard fixed !

  3. Hey blog on it if u actually do that k.. it will be fun

  4. @balu
    Sure….if it works. !

  5. tell me about it! my landlord’s dog ate my bike’s seat and when i confronted her she slammed the door on my face! Hopefully your’s is better!

  6. […] ‘I hope should be something like ‘landlord control’ ROFL’ (that’s me)   {Landlord treatment} […]

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