Work Snippets 1.0

Colleague 1 “Hey let’s go down for a pizza”

Colleague 2 “Nah I don’t like it anyways”

Colleague 1 “It’s free yaar. The company is paying for it”

Colleague 2 “WHAT? Heyyy wait for me….”

And here we are crowded at the pantry waiting for the pizzas. The admin assistant who is coordinating ‘the event’ said

“I am gonna take 10 minutes of your time. We have to wait 10 mins before we start”  

Amid the ‘Ooo’s , ‘oh’ and ‘noooo’s I tried my luck to get near the pizza’s.

Colleague 1 “I guess we are waiting for our VP and manager”

Colleague 2 “What???? I thought we were waiting for ketchup and rushed to slice out a piece!


  1. p.s. changed my blog to update blogroll, feeds accordingly. sorry for the inconvenience.

  2. and then you people didn’t have the decency to call us over while we were drooling from our desks!! 😛

  3. Rome is still the same….

    Means it’s same here also…


  4. @Alameen
    You mean its the same everywhere. IT shud be after all it Pizza !!!!!

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