The Pest Control (contd)

You might have to read this before moving on…..

………. Yes its from the kitchen. I ran to the kitchen to find my wife screaming and there was a cockroach in sight. 

“What the ???” I thought and ran for my cellphone.

“Are you going to kill it with your cell phone” My wife asked.

No I am going to kill that son of a ()*@(#*@() Mr Pest Control Agent” I replied.

“Help me here first” My wife shouted. 

I killed the cockroach, wrapped it in a paper for evidence and called the ‘Agent’. 

Agent “ Hello. This is Pest Control’

Me “Pest Control My foot !!!. I am calling from……………… I still got pests in here. You guaranteed that there will be no more pests”

Agent “You must be seeing a lot of cockroaches now. Am I right?”

Me “YES!” 

Agent “It must be running around. Am I right?”


Agent  “There might be more number than what you initially had”

Me(losing it)  “YES!!!! WHATS YOUR POINT” 

Agent  “Sir. That’s completely normal.”

Me “What??????” 

Agent  “Let me explain to you Sir. This is an herbal treatment and in the initial 14 days there will be more trouble because it will be coming out of hiding. This will decrease gradually and there wont be no more problem” 

Me (cooling down) “Oh okay, but you never mentioned the ‘herbal treatment’ to me before”

Agent  “Sir I have mentioned it. Its there in the manual too”

Manual???” I thought.

Me  “Oh okay Thank you” 


I will call you after 14 days you ()*@)@()*@)*@#” I thought.

Me (after regaining my cool and senses) : ‘But then how will the cockroaches know when its 14 days???? Anyways let’s wait for that day…………………..”

Update : read this post


  1. herbal? he he u bought it.. ha ha ha ….

  2. @Balu

    yeah sometimes you just fall for all this crap !

  3. did u try lakshman rekha before u ventured into this herbal ‘atta’ thingy!

    hw did u get in touch with these people anyway?

  4. Yeah we tried all that.. This guy was refered to me by ‘trusted source’ , even Godrej has this kinds pest control, they do the same thing I heard and is effective. Like I said lets wait for another 10 days !

  5. hmmm may be it works.. chalo.. blog after 10 days.. (the results that is..)

  6. wat man herbal treatment? my god..that “sonofabitch” is taking you for a ride ..isn’t it?
    anyway that was funny indeed.. 🙂

  7. Looking forward to the 14th Day report 🙂

  8. yeah 😦 😦

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