The Pest Control

After the incident of pest attack we thought of calling in the experts. The pests including cockroaches were almost invading my home. They were everywhere !!!

I called in a pest control agent to analyze the situation and to suggest plans to save us from the invasion. It took him hardly 10 minutes to walk around the house and paste a sticky substance (looked like ‘atta’ to me) all over. It’s neither visible nor smelly.

I hoped at least the cockroaches would find them. 

‘Wow that was quick’ I thought. 

“1600 Rs sir” said the agent. 

“WHAT?????”  (that’s me)

“Sir this is for one year contract. Our agents will come here every month” Mr Pest Agent.

“Oh okay”

‘I can’t believe I am paying him for sticking atta all over my house’ I thought. 

I paid him.

‘Hmmm’ (sigh)  (that’s me again) 

“Well at least we got rid of all the pests” (that’s me trying to relax)

‘I hope should be something like ‘landlord control’ ROFL’ (that’s me)   {Landlord treatment}

Two days later …………………………………….

 “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaam’ 

It’s from the kitchen….   

To be contd…..


  1. com-on man …… i didn’t expect this frm u …. u have paid that guy 1600 rs ….. I also had same problem at my home .. I brought 100rs HIT spray and got rid of these roaches ….. neway all the best 😛

  2. Wait for the next post which explains it all !!!!!! 😦

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