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I was just going through the Blog Stats section today and I am surprised to see how people land on my blog. It’s hilarious, yet questioning how the search engines direct people to the wrong site and providing them with less or no information on what they were searching for. I am not complaining though…..  (I did not get the first HIT)  Some of the items they searched were 

“security guard in trivandrum” and he got this post : Security Guards

“writing a complaint against employee” and he got directed to this post Tips In Writing a Complaint

“pureit water purifier” this is valid and he got this post. Review 1 

“complaint against auto meters in Bangalore”  and “bangalore autorickshaw complaint” Scary AutoRickshaws !

Bangalore mirror website” he got this post  Another Post Featured in Bangalore Mirror.           

I guess its high time they start a website on their own.. 😀

“stupid American inventions” and he got this post American ‘Inventors’

“”how to take revenge”” Gosh !!!! Imagine what people are searching on google !!!! and he got this  I hate dogs from 3rd July 2007 

 I guess there are more people out there who had bad experiences with the auto rickshaws in Bangalore who reached my blog that anyone else.


  1. Even i check this data on my blog always..most of the search results were related..and some pretty weird..

  2. jus be happy we get to you somehow !!! lol!

  3. yeah that is true !. 😀

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