bb.jpgDuring Diwali (thats some weeks back) ma wife and I went out to check out some Diwali offers at one of the shopping centres  in the city. This is what they call the ‘Diwali Dhamaka’.

I guess the picture says it all !!

Note : I know this post is a little late, I captured this image on ma phone weeks back and while browsing through it yesterday I thought this would be interesting enough to be the last post for this year !

Happy Newyear to all !!



  1. lol… good one. i have some crazy offers in “Big B” myself….

  2. yeah..
    the funny part is that the product is priced at 65/- and the offer price is 49/- but then ppl are flocking to buy it ( i noticed two shoppers reading the offer and quickly dropping two packets to their shopping cart) 😀

  3. So this explains why noone really bother about what the offer is about ( they just see the word ‘OFFER’ and fall prey to it

  4. lol… crazy shoppers! sometimes its a rampage in Big B… i just avoid the place on sundays.. its like a open vegetable market.. not a mall!

  5. ho ho ho..crazy town!

  6. or shud it be crazy people?

  7. Is MRP 45 and ..they are selling for 49?? what kind of offer is that?

  8. @Nitin.
    Exactly. thats what Iam wondering too.

  9. May be a typo yaar…

  10. @Nitin.
    yes its a typo. (If you refer to my comment #2) whts more imp is that pplwere flocking in to buy this product without checking the price.
    its just explains how easy it is to fool ppl wth any offer.

  11. “Indian public ko topi lagana aasan hain” 🙂

  12. :)) you should google for funny billbords… some of them r really insiteful

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