Monthly Archives: January 2008

They won

They won. Read this to know more. I would welcome this, but then, would the law enforcers assure me that there won’t be any more malpractices? 

‘Beg’ To Differ?

We shower empathy, mutter our sympathy, drop in a coin or two and go on with our lives. Sometimes we turn our heads and look away as if they don’t exist. They call out to you and yet we don’t care to look that way.   Beggars. They are treated as different beings and are […]

Goddess who love @()*#@()

Have you ever used obscene words when you pray? Well it’s the custom here.    Here= Kondugaloor in Ernakulam District, Kerala.    The Devi or Goddess, here seems to like obscene talk, sexual humor and sexually obnoxious songs which even Eminem would think twice to include in his next song.    Hard to Believe? (Believe it […]

Another channel (sigh) launched !

Another channel launched NDTV Imagine. Now this is the latest one to be launched (INX and Bindass were the recent ones). How many more can an average TV viewer handle? We already have dozens of entertainment channels, which run Bollywood based shows and reality shows along with sitcoms. I guess there is nothing new in […]

DND Do Not Disturb

How irritating it is at time when you are in a meeting or at the hospital when you get a call offering you a credit that you already have? Or asking you to take an insurance policy that you don’t need? National Do No Disturb/Call Registry for your rescue ! I am not sure if […]

What do we call this again?

I have written about a similar topic “What do we call this” sometime back. Yet this is quite different from my earlier post. I was at the airport the other day to see off my wife. (yay…..:)) . She was all tired and wanted to sit down, and we approached a near by bench. Apparently the bench […]

Horoscope or ‘Horor’scope

I don’t believe in the horoscopes flashed on channels or on the newspaper(well I don’t believe in horoscope all together), but can’t let go of the curiosity of checking what is going to happen to my dear life. So I do check them. 😉  Today on Zoom I got this for my star. “You will […]

World’s cheapest car upsets environmentalists

 “World’s cheapest car upsets environmentalists”… Okay. What doesn’t upset them?  The middle class family dream is here. But then it upsets the environmentalists. But I don’t think we should care.  Take a look at the carbon dioxide emissions around the world Total carbon dioxide emissions 106 Tons of CO2 per year: United States: 2,790 China: 2,680 […]

N.W sites

I hate networking sites. I get emails from people asking me to join communities like the “Maruthi Swift white color” Sometimes I get a yellow rose or a red one and I click on it and find that I need to register to get that ‘rose’ Some invite me to be their friend. I don’t […]

The ‘Customer Care’less

Today my wife received a credit card (which she has not applied for) from The Bank. I suggested calling up the Customer ‘care’ to sort out the issue. 10:00 AM Automated voice “ Thanks for calling us. Happy new year to you and your family and …………….” 10:04 AM Automated voice  “Dial 1 for…dial 2 […]