N.W sites

I hate networking sites. I get emails from people asking me to join communities like the “Maruthi Swift white color” Sometimes I get a yellow rose or a red one and I click on it and find that I need to register to get that ‘rose’ Some invite me to be their friend. I don’t even know them. They wish me for New Year.

Hi how are you Happy new year Friend

(I was happy that he remembered me for this New Year when I found this)

<To scrap to multiple friends click here>  L

Some invite me to join wayn gain or pain. Sometimes I wish i didn’t have an email id.

Update : Now someone has send me a soft drink !!from shtyle..



  1. lol… once i got this scrap in Orkut from some random guy:

    sorry dude if i disturb you
    but i think ur face is resemble with my face ..
    not currently ..but as i was in my graduation

    Yes you read it right.. i didn’t make any grammatical mistakes.. that’s what i got!
    Indian guys hitting on girls is a common thing in social networks, but nowadays you also come across random guys trying to chat with you..

  2. lol. thats funny.

  3. even i received that crapy softdrink..from shytle..

  4. WHAT IS THAT? 😦

  5. who the helll knows.. 🙂

  6. can we drink it.. or is just to seduce u to join some random ‘network’?

  7. 🙂 What ever it is…we need to register to get it !

  8. I also got one recently which reads as below..

    Hi Sir,
    I am a fresher from so and so college…

    Smart freshers :)… right?

  9. Good writing…
    Will go thru ur old posts soon…

    Till then
    Bye from AlAmeen 🙂

  10. Nice post. Very true. I get atleast a mail daily from Shelfari. Its a pain in the neck :))

  11. Alameen
    Thanks ! welcome to ma blog

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