Horoscope or ‘Horor’scope

I don’t believe in the horoscopes flashed on channels or on the newspaper(well I don’t believe in horoscope all together), but can’t let go of the curiosity of checking what is going to happen to my dear life. So I do check them. 😉 

Today on Zoom I got this for my star. “You will have a good week, but with work tensions blah blah…” and “Don’t drink and drive”


I thought that was applicable to all stars. Not just mine. 


  1. dint u knw police now a days demans horoscopes and not license! so this week people in ur star sign get fined.. rest have to pay bribe! 😛

  2. oops pls ignore the typos!

  3. yeah lol.

  4. LOL…mot of these horoscopes are so vague. Just try and follow the horoscope of some other zodiac. You’ll find that even that horoscope is applicable to you 😉 I think they keep rotating the same thing again and again.

  5. Ruhi..

    Yea… Its kinda simple to write a horoscope… take an exisiting one and jumble the words…. lol

  6. This is the kind of predictions you get for free.. 🙂

  7. Yeah I guess people will follow these than the actual ‘law’ that is out there 😀

  8. The best are the airline ones! They never come true… ha ha ha

  9. @Kpowerinfinity

    yeah lol.. “You might go for a foreign trip……”Now they have changed with the trend to “You might be going for an onsite assignment.. blah blah”

  10. Completely agree with Ruhi….
    Kushwant Singh was the editor of the “Illustrated Weekly of India” in the 80s or something. One day the astrologer who used to write the weekly horoscope columns quit. Kushwant Singh didnt hire a new one, instead for a year or so he cooked up his own stuff and wrote the Horoscope columns and noone ever found out. People in India can be really gullible in such matters!!! 😛

  11. @Ulag,

    that’s hilarious…. 🙂 lol

  12. @ Ulag… did that really happen.. i never knew WOW!

  13. i want to know whats my horoscoup….

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