DND Do Not Disturb

How irritating it is at time when you are in a meeting or at the hospital when you get a call offering you a credit that you already have? Or asking you to take an insurance policy that you don’t need?

National Do No Disturb/Call Registry for your rescue !

I am not sure if you guys know about this. It takes 4 weeks to be registered. I got my confirmation the other day.

Register your number with the national Do Not call/ Disturb Directory of India.

Now TRAI is planning to introduce fines for the unsolicited caller up to Rs 20,000 !


  1. How do u go abt it? Any fee involved?
    Would u like to guide me through it? I am fed up of being spammed by Hutch oops Vodafone and god knows who all!

  2. I have updated the link. (actually i forgot to include the link)
    Neways use this link http://www.ndncregistry.com/indian-consumers-telecom-sms.htm

    Its free to my knowledge!

  3. techtwist · · Reply

    Thats a nice information…Am an engineering and am banned from using the mobiles in my college…But the vibrating mobile can irritate me at times and mostly its the guys calling me about some crappy offers and contests…Thanks for the info…

  4. @techtwist,
    U welcome

  5. I tried to comment earlier, but your comment section was closed. Anyway, this is awesome information. I need to let my relatives know about it.

  6. Hey, this actually appeared in a recent tamil movie (actually Rajasekar’s telugu dubbing movie – “Eppdi irukku udambu”) – in this movie in one scene, the villain who is in despair – desolate with ever-winning hero, at that time suddenly he gets a phone call asking whether he wants personal loan… Hilarious piece :)))

  7. Have done this.. it takes time to take effect but it works…

    I always used to get calls on Sunday afternoons (siesta time) 😦

  8. @Ruhi,
    Oh, I am not sure what happened.
    Do you get unwanted calls like these in the US? Is there any regulatory body such as TRAI?

    Seems like the villan forgot to register himself !!!
    yea, they used to wake me up early in the morning (9AM IST) . 🙂

  9. No we don’t get unwanted calls here on cell phones. It’s strictly banned because the incoming is not free. 🙂 We don’t get any useless sms’s either…because even incoming SMS’ are charged. LOL. Good riddance.

  10. @ Ruhi,
    Thats good (no unwanted calls)but then charges for incoming smses???? (that’s bad)
    Somethings in India is just right !

  11. @ Xylene
    PLs note… India’s got the cheapest mobile tariffs…

  12. hey.. vodafone Karnataka doesn’t figure in that list! BOO

  13. @ balu
    yeah thats the best thing in India…

  14. I have subscribed it now..Hope it works.Thanks Xylene

  15. @nitin
    U welcome… Its working for me.. no more unwanted calls.

    But then u will get ur network provider calls, your bank calls (if u have subscribed for it)…..

  16. Thanks for this information . i feel this will really going to help me and others in the coming time..

  17. Dear madhu,
    NDNC is not a success…we can make it a success by contributing 5 mins a day.Go to
    http://www.ndncregistry.blogspot.com/ gothere and click on click here and enter phone numbers of telemarketers you collected.



  18. […] DND Update ! Posted March 18, 2008 Mobile subsribers have a reason to celebrate. This is an update to my post DND. […]

  19. don’t disrurb me

  20. hi
    Thanks a lot providing this facility to mobile users. let me know one thing if any one call me for credit card taking than how can i complain against that company.

    Greeting :)-

  21. @veerpal,

    This facility is given by TRAI. thank them.
    Call your n.w provider if you have complaints.

  22. great info….yaar
    thanks for it….today I got a call from Airtel when I was just going to the bathroom…and I was disgusted…..you must have guessed y??… 😛

  23. I have been on the DND registry from the day i signed up. No one respects it. There is no link on the TRAI website to file an official complaint. Now with messages sent from companies starting with LM, BM, etc i cannot even reply or ask to be taken off their own list. How does one go about filing official complaints ?

  24. I BELIVE TRAI IS currently busy in solving 2g scam case with telephone companies…….

    so they will pay attention later on this issue……

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