Another channel (sigh) launched !

Another channel launched NDTV Imagine. Now this is the latest one to be launched (INX and Bindass were the recent ones).

How many more can an average TV viewer handle? We already have dozens of entertainment channels, which run Bollywood based shows and reality shows along with sitcoms.

I guess there is nothing new in entertainment channels that it’s very easy to get a channel on air,

Rent a satellite, bribe someone to get permit to air, shoot some reality shows, and …………………………………


  Can we handle this?


  1. I cant handle the number of channels in God’s Own Country.. every time I go home I hear of a new channel which has the same kinda shows as other channels.. and before you can count to ten they decide to set up a music channel and then a news channel… I lost count of channels now.. I am assuming it’s around 11 now… any ideas?

  2. It just gives us more channels that we dont need to watch… looks like NDTV has a JV with NBC going as well.. so that will mean a few more new ones…
    My guess (and hope) is that over a period of time the bad ones will fade away…

    The other alarming thing is all the news channels resorting to sleaze reporting to garner viewership… especially the regional news channels…

  3. I read bad reviews on this at the YouthCurry blog. So, doesn’t count for me!

  4. @balu,
    Yeah, there are new channels coming up for every festival. Be it onam or christmas !
    agree with u. hope the bad ones will fade away………
    I am wondering do we have viewership for all these channels?
    Yeah I read that now. I agree with him !!! 🙂

  5. It’s a her 😉

  6. 😉 I agree with her !! 🙂

  7. Okay time for a jayan dialoue.. pathu roopaa kittiyirunnengil oru puthiya channel tudangamayirunnu!!!!

  8. @balu
    chalu 🙂

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