Goddess who love @()*#@()

Have you ever used obscene words when you pray? Well it’s the custom here.


Here= Kondugaloor in Ernakulam District, Kerala.


The Devi or Goddess, here seems to like obscene talk, sexual humor and sexually obnoxious songs which even Eminem would think twice to include in his next song.


Hard to Believe? (Believe it !!!!! )


These songs also known as poorappattu or Bharani pattu (which now seems to be popular among college-goers) are chanted with devotees dancing to please the Goddess (Kodungallur Amma).


Some say that it started like this.


A young man who was a strong believer of the Goddess and prayed to her daily. But his prayers were not answered and this really pissed him off. He shouted obscene words at the Goddess and his prayers were answered!!!!


Now public singing of sexually offensive songs are banned by the government but still being practiced as the locals can’t let go of their age old tradition.

    You could read some facts here.

How well is it received? The Bharani celebration with the poorappattu had been undisturbed until a decade ago. As part of Hindu fundamentalism, some puritan Hindu Saniyasins got the idea of reforming the celebration by suppressing the sexual songs. Five years ago a Hindu swami who wanted to block the singing by force created a war-like situation. He led a group of upper-caste people to prevent the low castes from singing sexual songs. With that incident, the police, which are the arm of middle-class society, were given the charge of censuring and supervising the singing. Recently, police officers have taken this opportunity to prove their moral integrity by imposing stricter measures to prevent people from singing sexual songs and entering into a trance. 

If you need more information read this.


  1. Have been to Kodungallur.. so know of the tradition (never witnessed it though..) I dint know abt the history surrounding it or the recent events.. thanks for the updates.. 😀
    Next time I will have a rap (censored) ready when I go there

  2. @balu
    I have not witnessed it. But am looking forward to visit it one day. This year its during april I guess.
    But its sure one of a kind festival. I am not sure if we have that anywhere else in the world. 😀

  3. You planing to go there during festival? ho ho ho .. the place is damn crowded.. i remember goin to the temple early in the morning on my fathers yezdi when I was a kid! 😀

    Once we went during festivals cameback cos of the crowd!

  4. Lol! This is hilarious!!! 🙂

  5. @nova,
    dont hurt sentiments. 🙂
    read these comments. all i did was to write something about a festival. 🙂

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