‘Beg’ To Differ?

We shower empathy, mutter our sympathy, drop in a coin or two and go on with our lives. Sometimes we turn our heads and look away as if they don’t exist. They call out to you and yet we don’t care to look that way.


Beggars. They are treated as different beings and are looked at with different emotions.To many of us beggars are poor beings who beg to fill their stomach. Not any more.

The recent India Today article talks about beggars who make more than 200Rs a day. That’s more than what a clerk at a government office make. Way too more than what a daily laborer who work at construction sites make.The story explains about a beggar who has 250000 bank balance and has no plans to quit this profession.

Many of the beggars who live on streets have a background of abuse, poverty, drug addiction or lawlessness.  Many have a choice of approaching NGO’s and taking shelter. But they don’t.Many don’t want to quit because the offers they get from NGO’s is less exciting as what they have in hand now. Some feel like shelters are like Jail and they can’t enjoy the freedom they get on streets at shelters. To many the streets are their home.

Read the article on India Today here : India Today Article              



  1. Someone told me that there was this beggar who died ok…and all his clothes were swen together with bits and pieces of cloth. After he died, the authorities were moving him when one of the bits of cloth fell apart. He had been using these bits to tie notes to his shirt.

    They also use kids to take money from us because most of the times, we feel sad seeing a kid beg.

  2. Yeah thats sad, especially in the train, when the kids sing and then they beg for money all around !

  3. hmm I had plans of becoming an auto driver (to get rich) now am thinking of becoming a beggar!

  4. @Balu,
    yeah. May be u can do one part time 😉 jus kidding !!
    hey..auto charges have been raised today.
    Now it will be more expensive to take a ride on the yellow wheeler.

  5. ya 14 is better than 20! The auto guys did not ask anything above metre today morning though! STRANGE

    PS: CONGRATS… ur ‘crap’ has found it’s way on to mutiny heh!! Kewl

  6. @ Balu
    Yeah thanx. and the ‘crap’ seems to hurt sentiments. read the comments at my post in mutiny. 🙂

  7. nope will check hold on!

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