They won

They won.

Read this to know more.

I would welcome this, but then, would the law enforcers assure me that there won’t be any more malpractices? 


  1. the transmission from 6/ km to 7/km will be smooth…. the metres are already riggd to run at 7.. so the rigging has just been legalised thats all! 😛

  2. @balu,
    yeah. but then they would rig it to run at 8 or worse 10. I dont think they would be happy with this hike.
    They would still do “10 rupaiyya aur dedho” “one and a half dedho” “Nahi jayenge” kinda talk.

  3. I can smell GTA 5!

  4. It would be ultimate solution if they nationalized or privatised all autorikshaws 🙂

  5. @Srikanth,
    yea 🙂 lol.
    Then you should reserve an auto 3 months before the journey… and there would be reservations…


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