Monthly Archives: February 2008

I am blocked !

Okay. So that’s a huge setback. My laptop or to be precise my antivirus/internet security software has blocked ma site. So each time I try to login it says I am trying to access my site its blocked. The reason? The word crap in it. Well this post is not to let you guys know that I bought […]

80 Shut Downs in 18 Months

Cross posted at mutiny. 80 shutdowns in 18 months, on an average 4 every month. This figure is haunting as this is after the courts have banned bandh and ‘forceful hartals’. While the political parties have given assurances that the hartals will be peaceful and there wouldn’t be any ‘forceful’ closure of shops or disruptions […]

Dry days in God’s own Country

Cross posted at mutiny. (This post is not to debate on the health issues as a result of alcohol consumption but yes, alcohol consumption is injurious to your health.)A long queue, thick crowd and a traffic block. Yes that’s a state owned liquor shop. Wish I had a photograph to prove it.On my visit to […]

My ‘tax’ story.

I pay taxes. There are two people who eat up my salary one is the IT department and the next is my landlord.The difference would be that the landlord is someone I can change.  I use my tax paid money to buy groceries on which I am ‘sale taxed’. And then I am taxed calling […]


Conversation b.w two IT ‘Professionals’ (Overheard)  Professional 1 : ‘Hey heard that you got an offer from a new firm?’ Professional 2 : ‘Yeah I did, I joined the company too’ Professional 1 : ‘How’s the package?’ Professional 2 : ‘ Well its not just the package. There is growth, new challenges and new technologies’  […]

Just Married

The law Commission is trying hard to bring the marriage age for boys to 18. (its 21 now for guys and 18 for girls).  I am not sure why they are thinking about this change. But I would welcome it. When you can vote at 18 I guess you can marry as well. Moreover if the […]

Why techies should move to Trivandrum?

This post is also on Having worked out of Trivandrum for more than two years for a software company I am sure that city has everything you could ask for. I  thought of writing this post after the common response I get from my colleagues out here in Bangalore when I tell them that I […]

I am sick of electronic money.

I am sick of electronic money. Last time I was charged twice when I swiped my card at a retail shop in Kochi. I got just one slip as reference for my transaction but I was charged twice.Then it’s a game of tennis between the merchant and the bank, and I would be the ball. […]